Welcome to Envirocycle INC

We are a full service e-waste recycling company. Envirocycle’s goal is to assure no potentially polluting electronic equipment is deposited into landfill. Rather, it should be re-used or recycled through fully licensed and accredited channels. Envirocycle is the only full-service environmental processor of electronic waste in the Philippines being equipped to handle virtually all types of electronic waste streams.

Envirocycle is accredited by the DENR as a Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facility capable of handling not just e-waste but a variety of other hazardous waste i.e. CRT’s, busted fluorescent lamps (BFL’s), used lead-acid batteries (ULAB’s), ink toners and cartridges, used oil, contaminated containers, solder dross, solder paste, and more. Personnel involved in transporting hazardous waste undergo training with the DENR and are duly accredited. Envirocycle’s vehicles are DENR Registered Hazardous Waste Transporters (TP4A-34-00250).