Corporate and Environmental Commitment

The improper disposal and failure to erase recordable data can lead to potential problems concerning data security and environmental claims.

Envirocycle supports the trend of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the proper disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) without causing harm to the environment. By doing so it ensures complete compliance with government regulations and corporate goverance on environmental issues.


  • EMS 14001:2015 under TUV Nord
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECCR-4A-1208-0278)
    • DENR Accredited Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TR-4A-34-0012)
  • DENR Registered Hazardous Waste transporter (TR-4A-34-0030)
    • DENR Permit to Operate ESI (POA-0434-409)
    • ISO 14001 Certified
    • PEZA Registered Scrap Buyer (130131179)
  • LLDA Clearance (PC-19a-012-00541)
  • LLDA Discharge Permit (DP-19a-013-00946)


  • Environmental Practitioners Association, Inc. (EPA)
  • Pollution Control Association of the Phils. (PCAPI-Reg. 4)
  • National Recyclers Organization of the Phils.
  • Eco-Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. (Ecoindex)
  • SM Waste Market Events
  • CENRO, City of Calamba

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, R2 Responsible recycling Policy

As policy of HMR Envirocycle Phils., Inc. (HEPI) to conduct operations with consideration for employees health and safety, and the environment, as well as, providing quality products and services to our customers and stakeholders.

HMR Envirocycle Phils., Inc. (HEPI) goal through its management team, is to be an industry leader in the reuse, de-manufacturing, and recycling of electronic waste and related items with special emphasis on handling and disposal of Focus material.

As such, HMR Envirocycle Phils., Inc. (HEPI) has an established quality, environmental, health and safety management system that is designed to:

Compel resources to utilizing sustainable recycling outlets for products received to mitigate the adverse effect to the environment offering its clients security and adequate financial return.

Sustain compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety, import / export, Data security, regulations

Apprise employees and downstream vendors about the environmental aspects, dangers, risks, quality standards of their job, how to safely and effectively conduct facility operations and how individual actions can influence company’s environmental, Health & safety performance.

Establish specific, attainable quality, environmental, health and safety, R2 goals designed to continuously improve the performance of the company.

Minimize the adverse environmental Health & safety impact, dangers and risks of company operations to prevent environmental pollution or any impact on humans while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for personnel.

Deliver the highest level of data security assurance and privacy to our customers.

Maximize reuse and recycling of incoming material based on the hierarchy of reuse/re-manufacturer as the first option when this practice is in agreement with the customer requirements, recovery of materials as the second option and finally the recovery of disposal.

Conduct company operations with the highest regard for social accountability while ensuring a high-level customer satisfaction.

HMR Envirocycle Phils., Inc. (HEPI) accept full responsibility for implementation of this policy and communication of its elements to employees, clients, regulators, and the public as necessary.


QESH Policy rev02

Effectivity Date : 04- November-2021